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We’re super excited to carry these new candles, a collaboration between Craft + Foster and The Ethan Lindberg Foundation. Founded in 2015, The Ethan Lindberg Foundation has supported families in the long haul of raising children with congenital heart disease and rare muscular dystrophies. They have offered these communities financial support and advocacy, led transparency initiatives, organized collaborations, and pushed research forward. They have hosted retreats for grieving mothers and supported healthcare workers through a global pandemic.

In 2017, Jessica wrote the words “Heart Strong” on a napkin at Starbucks and then printed it on a shirt, and since then, the brand has become a rallying cry for living a resilient life that serves others and makes an impact. As the foundation has evolved and continues to serve families, a deep desire to encourage people everywhere to be Heart Strong has emerged. This candle collaboration spreads the Heart Strong message and reminds you to Keep Going through the ups and downs of our beautiful lives. 100% of the proceeds from this candle benefit Ethan Lindberg Foundation.

Check out @theheartstrong and @jessmlindberg on Instagram!